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The Great Palace Hotel (Wangfu Zhizun Jiudian) is situated in downtown Datong city. The Datong Railway Station and Datong Airport are both 10 kilometers away.On offer are a variety of guest rooms complete with all the expected up-to-date amenities. Room rate includes double breakfasts.The hotel tempts guests with an unforgettable dining experience with an array of restaurants serving both Western and Chinese cusines.[View Detail]    

住客评论 2679条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • cai0116
    Good service, room comfortable bed, very good?
  • supamaggie
    Old customers!
  • e04654315
    Hotel service very user friendly ... well.
  • pippinto
    Has more than once staying Palace Hotel has, price high, service good. This times for travel to Datong, undoubtedly of still select Palace extreme, room is spacious comfortable, health conditions also is in place, hotel around of traffic is convenient, bus, taxi are is easy. addition hotel around has big supermarket, shopping are is convenient. we just to Qian Office handle good accommodation Hou, service personnel returned to we sent has beverage, room also was layout Hou, last I staying of when, said room dry, Did not think this time went straight to my room to place the humidifier and has started working, waiter wayan told me, knowing that I am afraid of dry, when I booked the room, preparing for me, this service is attentive, considerate and Palace Hotels, travel an ideal place, recommend you to experience
  • e00152700
    Set a couple of times. particularly well. clean. reasonable price
  • pp910
    All right
  • meigy
    A great, especially the suites, 2 family lived didn't have a bit of trouble
  • mriafeng
    Very satisfied, good environment, good service
  • Angel80
    Hotel services and facilities are particularly good, inexpensive, unconventional enjoyment
  • galear
    Very warm and very good
  • fannyfli
    Really satisfactory, cost-effective ultra-high
  • angelwing
    Very good, very, very high, is next to the KTV a bit messy
  • labino_xu
    Great service, inexpensive. highly recommended.
  • yjing1025
    Family Junior Suite, clean, service very good, the price is right, have the opportunity to stay here
  • iu457
    Home has a large hotel, and beyond, underground parking is too big, to car battery. a strong sense of service, Zambia
  • Barcelona2007
    Environment, high cost performance!
  • Desman
    As ever been
  • dsfaf
    Service in place, the rooms are very clean
  • E02327736
    Hotel facilities good, only time elevators not to force
  • AD121
    Quite satisfied with hotel rooms, large and comfortable, service was very good
  • E02196549
    They say to your satisfaction
  • DavidXiang
    All right
  • aiwnn
    Place, good location and great service.
  • d02099971
    Hotel passenger is big, Hall is big, style, desk of people are is enthusiasm, kick and and methodical, to people feel compared professional, up service personnel see child will active help find child of slippers, due to we himself with has on didn't trouble she, but discourse is let people warm, breakfast type many, update also soon, is hot, room is clean, quiet, check out Shi also mention customer consider, first arrangements rounds, save time, general feel is good.
  • abcdejj
    Too awesome
  • doubleface
    I is in mass reviews Shang see of this hotel, evaluation relative is high of, on set has he home, to shop Hou, hotel does good, regardless of is environment, also is health are is good, room in which need another charges also standard have is clear, only some regrets of is three room only two copies breakfast. hotel around dinner convenient, also has supermarket, General for is good.
  • e03252787
    Good! nice
  • fjj850701
    Good good
  • seegrace
    Hotel was very clean and comfortable, the rooms are spacious, and placed in the city center, convenient, the most important is the cosmos is very warm, see very real, whether it was meeting and greeting people or about dogs are very helpful ... good.
  • e06100109
    Nice hotel, very clean. is bathroom there is no hair dryer.
  • bjmedia
    Nice hotel
  • guaiguaixiaocao
    Room service, help us wash the fruit, and sweet message
  • candyMM
    Price quite high, around to eat, traffic is very convenient, services. next time you will enjoy
  • dongyouxiguang
    Travel the hotel are good, service is thoughtful, know, send a cup of boiled icing sugar Sydney! praise?
  • mattie
    Five-star enjoying three-star prices.
  • anne0575
    Very convenient around laoyemiao restaurant just opposite the underground garage large
  • popeji
    Ground and hair health
  • BJ natives
    Which is very nice.
  • d01200085
    Feeling like it was lived in the best hotels, hotel services are good, like a five-star, people live much better, there are teams, family room where I live pretty good waiter also sent a fruit plate, next time you come to live here!
  • ANE-star
    Good service, environment, facilities, come here next time.
  • lison
    Well, next time you can consider to
  • ydxsbaby
    Hotel in Datong is compared famous of four star hotel. in four star in is superior, service attitude compared good, but service consciousness is to be strengthening. staying day open room to wrote has No. 2705, room, results up Hou only found is No. 2707, room. out play back Hou found more has a vegetables small disc, compared happy. is found vegetables is didn't wash had of, this should told about. night points has a supper, phone playing past a hours Hou are also didn't sent to, playingPhone urged past Hou also put dish sent wrong has. see in staff hard of copies Shang on not care has. room environment good, powder pink tender of feel. hotel prices somewhat your, but also is can accept. breakfast is appreciates! is very to force of breakfast. Datong of diet is China in one of, especially away from Hotel 4 of Phoenix Pro GE, set high-end, your gas, luxury, food for one. and consumption not your. three people points has 7 a dish also only spent has more than 200 more. is Shanxi Datong number aNumber II of conscience shop. but appointment extremely hard, to ahead of a week, or on only to took votes queued. ticket also only sent 100 a,, more a are not sent. anyway from location to environment are also is good of hotel, departure Qian employees also asked has we stay feel. now hotel four star rushed five-star, hope not price. next to Datong also will staying this hotel of.
  • lyp066
    That's good
  • tata48
    Hotel very good! suite has two rooms, all double! nice! very spacious! Nice! the first day clean the staff is super nice to us! we put cosmetics on the towel in the bathroom, also made water a glass of PEAR! also left a note! Super touched! the Cosmos tour was very satisfied!
  • cmlau
    Services are satisfied with the good clean
  • green
    The hotel cost-effective, clean, good environment, good network.
  • jmc1997
    Well, can't you stay?
  • berberry
    Has several times live in here, has not need again with gorgeous of rhetoric to described Palace extreme of service has. restaurant order is good, served fast, component foot, also not your. breakfast well, type many, people also more, staff service pressure than larger, Pack table need again fast points. room health, service are is first-class, you of need, rooms Department will phone one by one and you again confirmed implementation situation, praise. floors service personnel is is responsible for, I to a fruit knife, she will according to agreedTime came and I put the knife away, great attention to detail. sorry to trouble the waiter later sent a fruit knife, he bought a fruit knife, because the trains could not be carrying a fruit knife, to the front desk at check out time. in General a word; great, stay here all the time.
  • bernice0517
    Not bad
  • ani_999
    Live so many times ... feel the floor service is in place.