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Wangfu peninsula hotel celebrate the 25th anniversary of the jubilee celebration

Date: 2014-03-18

Wangfu peninsula hotel will be celebrating the 25th anniversary celebrations in March, the glory of the moment. Advantageous location, Oriental traditional style of architecture and the remarkable service, makes the wangfu hotel since it opened in 1989, was renamed the wangfu peninsula hotel, but is still the leader of contemporary luxury hotel. From its inception, wangfu peninsula hotel is renowned for its luxury and superior quality, luxury car fleet of personalized services, award-winning restaurants and purify the mind, such as urban oasis peninsula spa, deduce the real hotel in Shanghai, Hong Kong hotel co., LTD., under the leadership of continuously in the historical development of increasingly powerful China hotel industry.
Hong Kong Shanghai hotel co., LTD., founded in 1866, it was the earliest hotel management group in Asia, so far, has nine peninsula hotel, its main business includes owns and management in Asia, the United States and Europe the main areas of commercial and residential properties. Hotel main shareholders for members of the family of the kadoorie, since the beginning of the 20th century has been hold shares in the company.
Hong Kong Shanghai hotel co., LTD., for the first time in 1922 in Beijing, owns a majority stake in the six hotel at that time, then closed in 1950, but this is the first of its luxury hotels opened in Beijing, is the same as the sister hotel great European cities. Hong Kong Shanghai hotel co., LTD is the first by the Chinese government invited to participate in the joint venture hotel management companies, and in 1982, has 480 guest rooms with the jianguo hotel sign 5 years of hotel management contracts. The partnership is seen as a success, more by the government as a model of success, and Justine jianguo hotel restaurants provide senior dishes, also subsequently and popular. Are very popular. Hong Kong Shanghai hotel co., LTD., in July 1990 and "wangfu hotel management agreement", in Beijing for its business strategy to lay a solid foundation.
In the 25 years, from the previous wangfu hotel to wangfu peninsula hotel, the same is the first-class service, low-key luxury decoration, authentic cuisine, and gathered the world's designer brand shop, wangfu peninsula hotel has always been a Beijing hotel industry's best. Hotel is committed to provide luxury memorable service experience, will be at the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2015 for the guest room renovation project, in order to reduce the inconvenience to the guest during the decoration part area and restaurants will be temporarily closed, but the hotel will maintain normal business, continue to provide catering services, and hotel public areas, peninsula spa and fitness center and peninsula boutique gallery will not affected normal business.